1 February 2024 {1.2.2024} – Panchang, Vivah Muhurat, Islamic Date, Tithi (One Feb 2024)

1 February 2024 – On 1 February 2024 world buzzes with rhythm of daily life, as people across the globe wake up to a new day filled with possibilities. In numerous corners of earth, sun begins ascent, casting its warm glow upon cities, mountains, and oceans alike. This date may witness international discussions, diplomatic endeavors, or perhaps significant events that shape geopolitical landscapes. Individuals celebrate milestones, connect with loved ones, and navigate ebb and flow of daily routines, anniversaries, birthdays, and significant life events become part of memories that shape human experience.

1st February 2024 Calendar

             Feb Calendar 2024  

Special Events on 1 February 2024

  • 334 Days left in 2024.
  • Vikram Samvat Hindu date is 18 Magh 2080.
  • Fifth Thursday of 2024.
  • 1 February 2024 Zodiac Sign is Aquarius.
  • Birthstone for this day is Amethyst.
  • 43rd day of Winter.
  • There are 47 days remaining in Spring Season.
  • Shashthi

1 February 2024 Vivah Muhurat

Here you will see Vivah Muhurat of 1 February 2024

  • 31st January 2024 07:10 AM to 1 February 2024 01:08 PM.

Sunrise and Moonrise on 1 February 2024

  • Sunrise – 07:11 AM Moonrise – 11:47 PM
  • Sunset – 06:09 PM Moonset – 11:21 AM

Get Details Regarding (One Feb 2024)

Title1 February 2024 {1.2.2024}
Vikram Hindu Samvat18 Magh 2080
Sunrise07:11 AM
Moonrise11:47 PM
Zodiac SignAquarius
Remaining days in 2024334 Days

Islamic Date of 1 February 2024

Islamic calendar, also known as Hijri calendar. It is based on cycles of moon and consists of 12 months in a year. This month is named and a new year begins with sighting of a crescent moon. This calendar is followed by Muslim community. Islamic Date of 1 February 2024 is 20 Rajab, 1445 AH.

1 February 2024 Tithi

1 February 2024 is Magha Krishna Paksha Shashthi. Some people have fast on this day. According to Vikram Samvat Hindu date is 18 Magh 2080. 1st February 2024 Zodiac Sign is Aquarius. The birthstone for this day is Amethyst. There are 47 days remaining in Spring Season.

Baby (Boy/Girl) Name List 2024

Boy NameGirl Name

1st February 2024 Day

1st February 2024 is fifth Thursday of this year. 334 Days left in 2024. There is no holiday on this day. It is a working day. 43rd day of Winter. There are 47 days remaining in Spring Season.

1 February 2024 Panchang

PakshaKrishna Paksha

Lunar Month and Samvat on {1.2.2024}

Shaka Samvat1945 ShobakritiChandramasaMagha – Purnimanta
Vikram Samvat2080 NalaPausha – Amanta
Gujarati Samvat2080 Rakshasa

Ritu and Ayana on (One Feb 2024)

Drik RituShishirDinamana10 Hours 55 Min 33 Sec
Vedic RituRatrimana13 Hours 03 Min 57 Sec
Drik AyanaUttarayanaMadhyahna12:41 PM
Vedic AyanaUttarayana

Shubh Muhurat on 1st February 2024

Brahma Muhurta05:28 AM to 06:20 AMPratah Sandhya05:54 AM to 07:13 AM
Abhijit12:19 PM to 01:02 PMVijaya Muhurta02:30 PM to 03:13 PM
Godhuli Muhurta06:06 PM to 06:32 PMSayahna Sandhya06:08 PM to 07:27 PM
Amrit Kalam08:42 PM to 10:29 PMNishita Muhurta12:14 AM to 01:06 AM
Ravi Yoga07:13 AM to 03:49 AM

Today in History – 1 February

  • 1793 – France announced war on UK and Netherlands during French Revolutionary Wars.
  • 1865 – US President Abraham Lincoln signed 13th Amendment to US Constitution, abolishing slavery.
  • 1881 – Prestigious St.Stephen’s College established in Delhi.
  • 1908 – King Carlos I of Portugal and Infante Luis Filipe assassinated in Lisbon.
  • 1946 – Diplomat Trygve Lie and Norwegian politician elected first secretary general of United Nations.
  • 1953 – Due to North Sea flood over 2500 people died in Belgium, England, Netherlands and Scotland.
  • 1977 – Iconic tourist attraction of New Delhi, National Rail Museum celebrating history of train transport in India established.
  • 1977 – India Coast Guard established.
  • 2002 – American journalist Daniel Pearl beheaded by Pakistani terrorists.
  • 2004 – One of most infamous events in Super Bowl history happened when famous pop singer Jackson suffered a wardrobe malfunction.

Famous Birthdays on 1 February

Jackie ShroffActor1 February 1957
BrahmanandamComedian1 February 1956
Ajay JadejaCricketer1 February 1971
Manoj TiwariActor1 February 1971
A.K HangalActor1 February 1917
GopikaModel1 February 1985
SudhakarComedian1 February 1956
Jahangir KhanCricketer1 February 1910
Allah Jilai BaiSinger1 February 1902
Patle Shisupal NatthuPolitician1 February 1967
Jacques LauristonDiplomat1 February 1768

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