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Govt Calendar 2024 : Government Holidays Calendar India Pdf Download. Check Each Event Date and Holiday by Govt. of India.

A government calendar a schedule that outlines important dates & events established by government. Even businesses follow these rules. This calendar helps us remember important events. Occasions that have made India’s history, culture & traditions what they. They bring people together & let them celebrate their shared history values. Also, these holidays give everyone a nice break from their usual routines. So, they can spend good time with their family & friends.

Details About Govt Calendar 2024

A government Calendar schedule that shows days when government offices & Institutions closed. These holidays set by government to observe important national events. Also to see cultural festivals & other significant occasions.

They usually include days like Independence day, Republic day & various religious festivals. Government holidays Calendar helps people know when they can expect government offices to closed. So that they can plan their activities accordingly. A way for everyone to take break, celebrate important events. It also ensures that services are not disrupted. Further to know more information regarding government Daily Calendar. Follow our article below.

Government Calendar Compulsory Holidays 2024

1Republic Day26 Jan 2024Friday
2Independence Day15 Aug 2024Thursday
3Mahatma Gandhi’s Birthday02 Oct 2024Wednesday
4Buddha Purnima23 May 2024Thursday
5Christmas Day25 Dec 2024Wednesday
6Dussehra (Vijayadashami)12 Oct 2024Saturday
7Diwali (Deepavali)31 Oct 2024Thursday
8Good Friday29 Mar 2024Friday
9Guru Nanak Birthday15 Nov 2024Friday
10Eid Ul Fitr09 & 10 Apr 2024Tuesday & Wednesday
11Eid Ul Adha16 & 17 June 2024Sunday & Monday
12Mahavir Jayanti21 Apr 2024Sunday
13Muharram17 July 2024Wednesday
14Id-E-Milad15 & 16 Sept 2024Sunday & Monday

Government Calendar Optional Holidays Details

Every year, Department of Personnel & Training (DoPT) makes a list of extra holidays for central government. These extra holidays in addition to 14 holidays that central government offices already have. This list includes holidays that are important in specific local areas. Thus celebrated by certain groups of people or religions. Reason for having these extra holidays is to give employees choice to take time off work. They can use these days to celebrate festivals & events that really important to them. List made carefully to include holidays that meaningful culturally, socially & religiously. This way, people from different backgrounds can have a chance to celebrate their traditions & beliefs.

Ram Navami17.04.2024Wednesday
Maha Shivratri08.03.2024Friday
Ganesh Chaturthi07.09.2024Saturday
Vinayaka Chaturthi07.09.2024Saturday
Makar Sankranti15.01.2024Monday
Rath Yatra08.07.2024Monday
Onam05.09.2024 to 17.09.2024Thursday to Tuesday
Pongal15.01.2024 to 18.01.2024Monday to Thursday
Sri Panchami14.02.2024Wednesday
Basant Panchami14.02.2024Wednesday
Bohag Bihu14.04.2024Sunday
Chaitra Sukladi09.04.2024Tuesday
Cheti Chand09.04.2024Tuesday
Gudi Padwa09.04.2024Tuesday
1st Navratra03.10.204 to 12.10.2024Thursday to Saturday
Chhath Puja07.11.2024 to 10.11.2024Thursday to Sunday
Karva Chauth20.10.204 and 21.10.2024Sunday & Monday

Government Restricted holidays

India has a different way of working compared to other countries & this shown by their CCS Rules. One interesting thing idea of “restricted holidays.” This means that employees can take two days off work to celebrate their religious or personal events. Even if offices open on these days, employees can still use their restricted holiday. They can take time off if they want. This system flexible & respects different cultures & religions of India’s workers. It makes a place where employees with various beliefs & customs feel valued & included.

List of Restricted Holiday in India

Pongal15 Jan 2024 to 18 Jan 2024Monday to Thursday
Basant Panchami14 Feb 2024Wednesday
Sri Panchami14 Feb 2024Wednesday
Hazarat Ali’s Birthday23 Jan 2024 & 24 Jan 2024Tuesday & Wednesday
Guru Ravi Das’s Birthday24 Feb _2024Saturday
Birthday of Swami Dayananda Saraswati05 Mar 2024Tuesday
Maha Shivratri08 Mar 2024Friday
Shivaji Jayanti19 Feb 2024Monday
Holika dahan25 Mar 2024Monday
Dolyatra25 Mar 2024Monday
Chaitra Sukladi09 Apr 2024Tuesday
Cheti Chand09 Apr 2024Tuesday
Ugadi09 Apr 2024Tuesday
Padwa09 Apr2024Tuesday
Gudi09 Apr 2024Tuesday
Easter Sunday31 Mar 2024Sunday
Vaisakhi13 Apr 2024Saturday
Vishu13 Apr 2024Saturday
Mesadi13 Apr 2024Saturday
Vaisakhadi (Bengal)13 Apr 2024Saturday
Bahag Bihu (Assam)14 Apr 2024Sunday
Jamat-Ul-Vida04 Apr 2024 & 05 Apr 2024Thursday & Friday
Birthday of Guru Rabindranath Tagore08 May 2024Wednesday
Rath Yatra08 July 2024Monday
Parsi New Year’s day15 Aug 2024Thursday
Nauraj15 Aug 2024Thursday
Vinayaka Chaturthi07 Sep 2024Saturday
Onam or Thiru Onam Day05 Sep 2024 & 17 Sep 2024Thursday & Tuesday
Raksha Bandhan19 Aug 2024Monday
Janmashtami (Smarta)26 Sep 2024Monday
Ganesh Chaturthi07Sep 2024Saturday
Dussehra (Saptami)12 Oct 2024Saturday
Dussehra (Maha Ashtami)11 Oct 2024Friday
Dussehra (Mahanavami)12 Oct 2024Saturday
Maharishi Valmiki’s Birthday17 Oct 2024Thursday
Karaka Chaturthi (Karva Chauth)20 Oct 2024Sunday
Naraka Chaturdashi31 Oct 2024Thursday
Govardhan Puja02 Nov 2024Saturday
Bhai Dooj03 Nov 2024Sunday
Pratihar Shashthi (Chhat Puja)07 Nov 2024Thursday
Guru Tegh Bahadur’s Martyrdom Day24 Nov 2024Sunday
Christmas Eve24 Dec 2024Tuesday

Download Government Holidays Notice Pdf

Frequently Asked Questions About Govt Calendar 2024

How many official holidays are there in 2024?

 Central Government Holiday List in India for the year 2024 comprises 14 compulsory holidays, 3 national holidays, 33 restricted holidays and 12 optional holidays.

What is Government calendar?

A government calendar a schedule that outlines important dates & events established by government.

Is 15th August holiday as per Government Calendar?

Yes, it is.

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  1. dharmesh ramwani

    is there any rule for the bifergation/distribution of holidays as far as religion is considered ?
    like christian should get 01 holiday, muslims should get one or more and sikhs should get any as per rules of central government. please respond if there are rules regarding the allotment of holidays for employees of different religions.

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