9 February 2024 {Nine Feb 2024} – Special Day, Tithi, Calendar, Islamic Date, Rashifal (9.2.2024)

9 February 2024 – On 9 February 2024, a date quietly unfolds with its unique blend of significance. It marks a time when individuals across the globe navigate tapestry of their lives, each weaving their stories within a broader fabric of history. In realm of personal milestones, birthdays, anniversaries, and life events, this day holds a special place for those who celebrate their existence and commemorate moments that have shaped their journeys. Families come together, friends exchange warm wishes, and a symphony of emotions resonates in air, giving depth to a tapestry of human connections.

Calendar of 9 February 2024


Key Points About 9 February 2024

  • There are 326 days remaining in 2024.
  • Vikram Samvat Hindu date is 26 Magh 2080.
  • 51st day of Winter season.
  • Birthstone for this day is Amethyst.
  • 6th Friday of 2024.
  • 40th day of this year.
  • There are 39 days left till spring.
  • 9 February 2024 Zodiac Sign is Aquarius.
  • Chocolate Day.

9 February 2024 Tithi

9 February 2024 is Magha Krishna Paksha Chaturdashi. It is Amavasya and Mauni Amavasya. According to Vikram Samvat Hindu date is 26 Magh 2080. 9 February 2024 Zodiac Sign is Aquarius. The birthstone for this day is Amethyst.

Special Day on 9 February 2024 – Chocolate Day

Chocolate Day, is a delightful celebration where sweetness takes center stage. On this day, people express their affection by gifting and enjoying various forms of chocolate. From rich truffles to classic bars, indulging in this cocoa delight symbolizes love and warmth. Couples often exchange chocolate gifts as a sweet gesture, creating memorable, moments. This day serves as a reminder to appreciate simple pleasures that bring sweetness to our lives.

Collect Details Regarding {9.2.2024}

Title9 February 2024 {Nine Feb 2024}
Special DayChocolate Day
Zodiac SignAmethyst
Days left in 2024326 Days

{9.2.2024} Day

9 February 2024 is sixth Friday of New Year.There are 326 days remaining in 2024. 40th day of this year. There are 39 days left till spring. It is a Chocolate Day. 51st day of Winter season. This is a working day all over nation.

Islamic Date of 9th February 2024

Islamic calendar, also known as Hijri or Lunar calendar, and based on lunar cycle. It consists of 12 months in a year of 354 or 355 days. First month is Muharram and months are either 29 or 30 days long. Islamic Date of 9th February 2024 is 28 Rajab, 1445 AH.

Moonrise and Sunrise on (9.2.2024)

  1. Sunrise – 07:07 AM
  2. Sunset – 06:14 PM
  3. Moonrise – 06:37 AM
  4. Moonset – 05:43 PM

Best Places to Visit on 9 February 2024

  1. Venice, Italy – To experience vibrant carnival festivities.
  2. Kyoto, Japan – Witness cherry blossoms.
  3. Costa Rica – To enjoy rainforests to beaches.
  4. Barcelona, Spain – Explore architectural wonders.
  5. Patagonia, Argentina – Experience stunning outdoor adventures.
  6. Cape Town, South Africa – To experience summer in Southern Hemisphere.
  7. Maui, Hawaii – Enjoy whale watching and outdoor activities.
  8. New Orleans, USA – Experience Mardi Gras celebrations.

9 February 2024 Panchang

PakshaKrishna Paksha

Lunar Month and Samvat on {9.2.2024}

Shaka Samvat1945 ShobhakritChandramasaMagha – Purnimanta
Vikram Samvat2080 NalaPausha – Amanta
Gujarati Samvat2080 Rakshasa

Ritu and Ayana on [Nine Feb 2024]

Drik RituShishirDinamana11 Hours 06 Min 06 Sec
Vedic RituRatrimana12 Hours 53 Min 13 Sec
Drik AyanaUttarayanaMadhyahna12:41 PM
Vedic AyanaUttarayana

Shubh Muhurat on 9 February 2024

Brahma Muhurta05:25 AM to06:17 AMPratah Sandhya05:51 AM to 07:08 AM
Abhijit12:19 PM to 01:03 PMVijaya Muhurta02:32 PM to 03:17 PM
Godhuli Muhurta06:12 PM to 06:38 PMSayahna Sandhya06:14 PM to 07:32 PM
Amrit Kalam02:17 PM to 03:42 PMNishita Muhurta12:15 AM to 01:07 AM
Sarvartha Siddhi Yoga07:08 AM to 11:29 PM

Historical Events on 9 February

  • 1757 – Treaty of Alinagar signed between British East Indian Company and the Nawab of Bengal, Siraj-ud-Daulah, restoring factories, privileges, and city of Calcutta to company.
  • 1897 – British Expedition force invaded and looted Benin City, ending Nigerian Kingdom of Benin.
  • 1943 – World War II Battle of Guadalcanal ended with a US victory over Japanese forces.
  • 1951 – First census of independent India commenced.
  • 1963 – First flight of Boeing 747 jet happened.
  • 1964 – Famed British rock band Beatles first performed live in US on Ed Sullivan Show and viewed by 73 million people.
  • 1996 – Peter Armbruster, Victor Ninov and Sigurd Hofman discovered highly radioactive chemical element 112, later named copernicium.
  • 2018 – XXIII Winter Olympics opened in PyeongChang, South Korea.

Famous Birthdays on 9 February

Amrita SinghActress9 February 1958
Udita GoswamiModel9 February 1984
Rahul RoyActor9 February 1968
SumanthActor9 February 1975
Nicole FariaModel9 February 1990
Parimarjan NegiChess Grandmaster9 February 1993
Kasinadhuni ViswanathFilm Director9 February 1930
A R AntulayPolitician9 February 1929
N.J. YasaswyWriter9 February 1950
Kumar MalavalliEntrepreneur9 February 1943
AnnapoornaActor9 February 1988
Shyama Charan GuptaPolitician9 February 1945

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