3 February 2024 [3.2.2024] – {Third Feb 2024} Panchang, Day, Baby Names, Rashifal, News Headlines

3 February 2024 – 3rd February 2024, world awakens to a new day, each sunrise casting a fresh light on canvas of existence. Across globe, ebb and flow of daily life continue, presenting a mosaic of diverse experiences that collectively shape human journey. This day witnesses a spectrum of activities, from diplomatic negotiations to policy decisions. Political landscapes may involve, and choices made on this day contribute to unfolding narrative of nations. Some people celebrate their big days like birthdays, anniversaries, parties, or other personal things with their loved one’s.

3rd February 2024 Calendar

             February Calendar 2024  

Special Events on 3 February 2024

  • Fifth Saturday of 2024.
  • Vikram Hindu Samvat date is 20 Magh 2080.
  • Birthstone for this day is Amethyst.
  • 332 Days left in 2024.
  • 34th day of this year.
  • There are 45 days remaining in Spring season.
  • 45th day of Winter.
  • 3 February 2024 Zodiac Sign is Aquarius
  • Ashtami.

On This Day – 3 February

  • 1509 – Portuguese navy defeated a combined fleet of Ottoman Empire, Sultan of Gujarat, Mamluk Burji Sultanate of Egypt, Republic of Venice, Republic of Ragusa, and Zamorin of Calicut at Battle of Diu in India.
  • 1661 – Maratha forces led by Shivaji defeated Mughalsin Battle of Umberkhind.
  • 1870 – 15TH Amendment to US Constitution ratified, guaranteeing voting rights to male citizens.
  • 1928 – Canadian paleoanthropologist Davidson Black discover fossils of a new species, ”Sinanthropus pekinensis”.
  • 1945 – One of the most devastating air raids conducted on Berlin by US Air Force as part of Operation Thunderclap and more than 3,000 people died.
  • 1966 – Soviet Union’s Luna 9 became first spacecraft to make a soft landing on Moon.
  • 1972 – In Iran, a snowstorm struck and lasted for seven days died over 4,000 people.
  • 1995 – American astronaut Eileen Collins became first woman to pilota space shuttle discovery.
  • 2009 – Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty and her husband, bought a hefty stake in IPL team Rajasthan Royals.

3 February 2024 Tithi

3 February 2024 there is Ashtami. People have their fast on this day. Vikram Hindu Samvat date is 20 Magh 2080. The birthstone for this day is Amethyst. There are 45 days remaining in Spring season. 3 February 2024 Zodiac Sign is Aquarius

Collect Details Regarding {Third Feb 2024}

Title3 February 2024 [3.2.2024]
Vikram Hindu Samvat20 Magh 2080
Zodiac SignAquarius
Sunrise07:10 AM
Moonrise12:41 AM
2024 remaining days332 Days

3 February 2024 Day

On 3 February 2024 is Fifth Saturday of New Year. 332 Days left in 2024. It is a working day. 34th day of this year. There are 45 days remaining in Spring season. 45th day of Winter. Birthstone for this day is Amethyst.

Famous Birthdays on 3rd Feb

Silambarasan RajendraanFilm Director3 February 1985
Mona Shourie KapoorFilm Producer3 February 1964
Nasir HussainDirector3 February 1931
Deepti NavalActress3 February 1957
Raghuram RajanEconomist3 February 1963
Premgi AmarenActor3 February 1979
George AdamsonAuthor3 February 1906
Marc RobinsonModel3 February 1968
Gurpreet Singh SadhuFootballer3 February 1992
Ram SinghPolitician3 February 1816

Islamic Date of 3 February 2024

Islamic calendar is used by Muslims community for their festivals and rituals. It is also known as lunar calendar consists of 12 months in a year. Islamic Date of 3 February 2024 is 22 Rajab, 1445 AH.

Baby Name Suggestions on 3 Feb 2024

Girl Name –

AabintaPowerful and Complete
ChaaraniA Bird
DaiviPious souls
FaloniIn charge
JaahanviMoon Light
LaashyaGoddess Paravati Dance
PaarulName of a Flower

Boy Name –

BadariLord Vishnu
ChaaranWho chants praises
DaakshitLord Shiva
EashanName of Sun
IbhyaPossessor of many attendants
MaalyaMass of flowers
NaathanGift from God

3 February 2024 Panchang

PakshaKrishna Paksha

Sunrise and Moonrise on 3 February 2024

Sunrise07:10 AM
Sunset06:11 PM
Moonset12:41 AM
Moonrise12:37 PM

Lunar Month and Samvat on [3.2.2024]

Drik RituShishirDinamana10 Hours 58 Min 05 Sec
Vedic RituRatrimana13 Hours 01 Min 22 Sec
Drik AyanaUttarayanaMadhyahna12:41 PM
Vedic AyanaUttarayana

Ritu and Ayana on {Third Feb 2024}

Shaka Samvat1945 ShobakritiChandramasaMagha – Purnimanta
Vikram Samvat2080 NalaPausha – Amanta
Gujarati Samvat2080 Rakshasa

Shubh Muhurat on 3 February 2024

Brahma Muhurta05:27 AM to 06:20 AMPratah Sandhya05:53 AM to 07:12 AM
Abhijit12:19 PM to 01:03 PMVijaya Muhurta02:30 PM to 03:14 PM
Godhuli Muhurta06:07 PM to 06:33 PMSayahna Sandhya06:10 PM to 07:28 PM
Amrit Kalam10:02 PM to 11:43 PMNishita Muhurta12:14 AM to 01:07 AM

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