14 February 2024 (14th Feb 2024) – Panchang, Shadi Muhurat, Tithi, Day, News, Calendar

On February 14, 2024, love permeated the air as couples around the globe celebrated Valentine’s Day. From grand gestures to intimate moments, the day was marked by expressions of affection and appreciation. In bustling cities, streets were adorned with red and pink decorations, while cozy cafes offered special Valentine’s menus. Romantic gestures ranged from handwritten love notes to lavish gifts, each symbolizing the deep connections shared between partners. For some, it was a day of reminiscing about cherished memories, while for others, it was an opportunity to create new ones.

14 February 2024 Calendar


14 February 2024 Tithi

On 14 February 2024, there is Panchami.

14 February Sunrise and Moonrise

  • Sunrise – 07:05 AM
  • Moonrise – 09:59 AM
  • Moonset – 11:13 PM
  • Sunset – 06:18 PM

Lunar Month and Samvat {14.2.2024}

Shaka Samvat1945 ShobhakritChandramasaPausha – Purnimanta
Vikram Samvat2080 NalaMargashirsha – Amanta
Gujarati Samavat2080 Rakshasa

Ritu and Ayana on [14 Feb 2024]

Drik RituShishirDinamana11 Hours 13 Min 09 Sec
Vedic RituRatrimana12 Hours 46 Min 04 Sec
Drik AyanaUttarayanaMadhyahna12:41 PM
Vedic AyanaUttarayana

14 February 2024 Day

14 February is Seventh Wednesday.

14th February 2024 Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day a special day celebrated on February 14th, 2024, dedicated to expressing love and affection to romantic partners, friends, and family. It often associated with sending cards, flowers, chocolates, and gifts to loved ones, as well as romantic dinners and gestures. While traditionally a day for couples, it also an opportunity to celebrate all types of love and relationships. Some people enjoy spending quality time with their loved ones, while others may choose to celebrate by themselves with self-care activities. Overall, it’s a day to cherish and appreciate the people we love in our lives.

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