16 January 2024 [Sixteen January 2024] – Panchang, Tithi, Historical Events, Vivah Muhurat (16.1.2024)

16 January 2024On January 16, 2024, world starts a new chapter of their life. Globally, diverse events transpire, shaping course of politics, culture, and society. It witnesses strides in technology or breakthroughs in scientific endeavors. This day holds personal significance for many birthdays, anniversaries, or individual triumphs adding layers to its significance. Families and friends come together to celebrate their big days. To know more about this article, you need to scroll down below page.

Special Events on [Sixteen January 2024]

  • Vikram Samvat Hindu Date is 2 Magh 2080.
  • 3rd Tuesday of 2024.
  • Birthstone is Garnet for this day.
  • 16th Day of New Year.
  • 27th day of Winter.
  • There are 63 days remaining in spring season.
  • 351 Days left in 2024.
  • 16 January Zodiac sign is Capricorn.
             January Calendar 2024  

Collect Details Regarding (16.1.2024)

Title16 January 2024 [Sixteen January 2024]
Hindu Samvat Date2 Magh 2080
Days left in 2024351 Days
Zodiac SignCapricorn

16 January 2024 Vivah Muhurat

Here you can check 16 January 2024 Vivah Muhurat below list –

  • Vivah Muhurat – 08:01 PM to 07:17 AM
  • Nakshatra – Uttara Bhadrapada, Revati
  • Tithi – Shashthi

Bengali Date of 16th January 2024

Bengali calendar also known as Bangla calendar, is a lunisolar used in Bengal region of South Asia. It is based on astronomical calculations of solar and lunar cycles. This calendar has different months and years compared to Gregorian calendar. Bengali Date of 16th January 2024Magh 1, 1430 Bangabda.

6 January 2024 Tithi

On 6th January 2024 there is Shashthi. Vikram Samvat Hindu Date is 2 Magh 2080. Birthstone is Garnet for this day. 16 January Zodiac sign is Capricorn.

Islamic Date of 16 January 2024

Islamic calendar is a lunar calendar and it is different from Gregorian calendar. This calendar is followed by Muslims. They follow their rituals through this calendar. Islamic Date of 16 January 2024 is 4 Rajab, 1445 AH.

16 January 2024 Day

16 January 2024 has 3rd Tuesday of this year. 16th Day of New Year. 27th day of Winter. There are 63 days remaining in spring season. 351 Days left in 2024.

Panchang of 16 January 2024

TithiShashthiNakshatraUttara Bhadrapada
PakshaShukla Paksha

Check Sunrise and Moonrise on {16.1.2024}

Sunrise –

Sunrise07:17 AM
Sunset05:56 PM

Moonrise –

Moonrise10:53 AM
Moonset11:19 PM

Lunar Month and Samvat on 16 January 2024

Shaka Samvat1945 ShobhakritChandramasaPausha – Purnimanta
Vikram Samvat2080 NalaPausha – Amanta
Gujarati Samvat2080 Rakshasa

Ritu and Ayana of 16th January 2024

Drik RituShishirDhinamana10 Hours 38 Mins 19 Sec
Vedic RitiRatrimana13 Hours 21 Mins 34 Sec
Drik AyanaUttarayanaMadhyahna12:37 PM
Vedic AyanaUttarayana

Shubh Muhurat on [Sixteen January 2024]

Brahma Muhurta05:30 AM to 06:24 AMPratah Sandhya05:57 AM to 07:17 AM
Abhijit12:15 PM to 12:58 PMVijaya Muhurta02:23 PM to 03:05 PM
Godhuli Muhurta05:53 PM to 06:20 PMSayahna Sandhya05:56 PM to 07:16 PM
Amrit Kalam12:08 AM to 01:38 AMNishita Muhurta12:10 AM to 01:03 AM
Sarvartha Siddhi Yoga07:17 AM to 04:38 AMRavi Yoga07:17 AM to 04:38 AM

Famous Birthdays on 16 January 2024

Sidharth MalhotraActor16 January 1985
Kabir BediActor16 January 1946
Mahadev Govind RanadeJudge16 January 1842
O.P.NayyarFilm Score Composer16 January 1926
Nanabhoy PalkhivalaLawyer16 January 1920
Climax LawrenceFootball Player16 January 1979
Subash MukhopadhyayScientist16 January 1931
Jaipal ReddyPolitician16 January 1942
Tariq AnwarPolitician16 January 1951
Chenganoor Raman PillaiArtist16 January 1886
Tejinder Pal SinghCricketer16 January 1978
Mukund Lal AgrawalPolitician16 January 1902
Joachim BaxlaMember of Lok Sabha16 January 1955

Historical Events on 16 January 2024

  • 1581 – British parliament declared Roman Catholicism illegal.
  • 1681 – Grand coronation of Sambhaji, son of Shivaji, took place at Raigad fort in Maharashtra.
  • 1757 – Maratha empire forces defeated invading army of Durrani empire in Battle of Narela.
  • 1769 – Horse racing was organized first time in Accra, Calcutta.
  • 1943 – First air attack of US air force on Ambon Island of Indonesia.
  • 1969 – First-time members were exchanged in space between soviet spacecraft.
  • 1989 – Soviet Union declared its plans for a two-year manned mission to Mars.
  • 1995 – Agreement between Russian PM Viktor Chernomyrdin and Chechenya delegation to stop ongoing civil war in Chechenya.
  • 2000 – Chinese government recognized two year old Tibetan boy as pre-incarnation of Sakar Buddha.
  • 2013 – 24 people died in bomb blast at Syria.
  • 2021 – India kicked off Covid-19 vaccination program with worker Manish Kumar receiving first shot.

16 January Popular Released Movies

Movie NameYear
Do Bigha Zamin1953
Aas Paas1981
Ehsaas Is Terah1998
Ek Hasina Thi2004
Crazy Cukkad Family2015
Sharafat Gayi Tel Lene2015

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